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MERA Training and Consulting

Everyone is in Sales!

From receptionists to busboys, stock clerks, deliverymen, installers and every other position, all your people should be sales people. Anyone who works for you who doesn’t know they’re in sales is pushing customers to the competition. And costing you business.

  • Energize your team
  • Boost their confidence
  • Prove that everyone is in sales

We tailor our programs to you and your company, and provide you with the tools to build relationships for life and keep customers coming back.

Sales & Customer Service Training and Motivational Programs

  • 90-minute seminars
  • Half-day workshops
  • On-the floor training
  • One-on-one coaching

All MERA Training sessions concentrate on delivering the tools you need to provide unequaled customer satisfaction at every level of your organization.

You want to be the company everyone else has to chase.

Our training seminars and workshops are customized to your unique
situation and are built around:

  • Learning to listen
  • Knowing your real product
  • Dancing with your customers
  • Under promising and over delivering
  • Understanding the value of your brand
  • Making the customers part of your sales force

We work with trade associations, retail, professional and hospitality clients of all sizes – any organization that can benefit from better client service. We show you what it takes so that every customer leads to another.

Turn every person into a Sales Person, take control of your market.

Consulting and Conflict Resolution

For the Rug Industry

  • Strategic Planning
  • Supplier/Retailer Conflicts

One-on-one Training

  • We know how to form great relationships, over-deliver and provide great service in any business or profession.

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