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MERA provides robust Appraisal and Restoration services.

Access to Certified Rug Appraisers each with over 35 years of experience‚—right at your fingertips.

Increase your income and add value to the services you provide to insurers by offering Certified Appraisal of Value and Loss. The MERA Group delivers Certified Appraisals of rugs at your facility or on-site.

Whether you have one rug or dozens – from private homes, offices, stores and warehouses – thousands of rugs have passed through our hands, and our Certified Rug Appraisers are continually called upon to accurately value claims of all types and sizes, in a variety of circumstances.

When Professional Restoration Companies want to properly evaluate and service fine rugs, they contact the specialists at MERA.

MERA makes providing a professional, certified rug appraisal easier for you—and your customers.

MERA’s nationwide network of certified appraisers and rug restoration professionals can help you determine the value of what you are called upon to service, and how to move forward to avoid further damage and minimize the loss.

  • MERA facilitates emergency removals, estimates cleaning and repairs, and provides exceptional restoration advice and services.
  • Triage advice can be given based on photos and information that you provide
  • MERA can determine whether a rug must be replaced, or if it can keep its value with proper cleaning and repairs

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