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Appraisals For Insurers & Adjusters

MERA’s certified appraisers are specialists, not generalists, with virtually unlimited resources. Our certified appraisals are comprehensive, accurate and impartial. This may be critical in situations such as:

  • Substantiating claims in cases of stated versus actual value with regard to antique, art-quality or trend-dependent rugs.
  • Determining valuation under dispute in major loss scenarios when many rugs are involved, especially at a store or warehouse.
  • Deciding whether a rug partially damaged by fire, flood or another insurable cause must be replaced, or if it can be cleaned and repaired, and still keep its value.

MERA’s appraisals are handled in the most efficient way possible, often electronically, which can save time and enable you to serve your client better. When necessary, we travel world-wide to assess value and provide expert testimony. Need to know a rug’s real value? Call MERA.

How do I identify a genuine Oriental Rug?
This is an easy question to answer from a couple of photographs but difficult in a narrative without going into a lot of detail. Take advantage of our free offer to look at photos and tell you. Email them to us with your contact information and we will get right back to you. [Return to Top]

What information should a professional appraisal include?
A professional appraisal should clearly and accurately describe the rug, including the following information: Type, Country of origin, Size, Age, Description, and, of course, Value. Read more about our professional appraisals on our blog. [Return to Top]

What information should a professional appraisal include?
Once the rug is out of harm’s way and stabilized and you have taken overall photos, going a step further at this point by taking more detailed photos and requesting key documents from the insured can make the whole process much easier and more efficient. And, remember, regardless of how damaged the rug is, “Save the pieces!”. Our “Claim Notification Form” can help you save time. [Return to Top]

Can wet rugs be saved?
Many times, yes. But, time is very critical and fine rugs need specialized attention. It doesn’t take more than a day, and many times only a few hours for a wet rug to suffer damage. If it is not dried properly a rug is likely to suffer color bleeding or be destroyed by dry rot. Another little known fact is that moths love damp areas!. Act quickly and save the rug. Save the rug and you save hassles for the insured and money for everyone. [Return to Top]

What factors impact the value of an Oriental Rug?
Yes, especially if the insured has been proactive and taken photos and saved sales and cleaning records. In the end, of course, nothing replaces a professional appraisal. Even if the value has not been updated for a while, a proper appraisal allows an expert to place a value that reflects current market conditions. In the event that you do not have proper documentation and photos, we can take a forensic approach by working with the insured. [Return to Top]

What factors impact the value of an Oriental Rug?
When Sy and I started in this business, over 35 years ago, this was a much easier question to answer. Quality was king! Iran (Persia) was the largest producer of rugs and was the benchmark against which most other new rugs were compared. So much has changed. Quality and Country of Origin are still very important, but, there is much more. Today, the market value of oriental rugs is very dependent on the ever changing fashion trends that we see in other home furnishings and women’s fashion. For more about all the factors that affect the value of oriental rugs, visit our blog. [Return to Top]

Can a worn Rug still have value?
Yes – especially today, for two major reasons. First is the growing popularity of worn rugs in decorating as part of the – “Shabby Chic” movement. Second is the amazing work that can be done to repair and restore rugs that appear to be worn beyond salvation. [Return to Top]

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