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Virgin Wool?

First, let’s define “wool”

According to “The Wool Products labeling Act of 1939”
(b) The term “wool” means the fiber from the fleece of the sheep or lamb or hair of the Angora or Cashmere goat (and may include the so-called specialty fibers from the hair of the camel, alpaca, llama, and vicuna) which has never been reclaimed from any woven or felted wool product.

(c) The term “recycled wool” means

(1) the resulting fiber when wool has been woven or felted into a wool product which, without ever having been utilized in any way by the ultimate consumer, subsequently has been made into a fibrous state, or

(2) The resulting fiber when wool or reprocessed wool has been spun, woven, knitted, or felted into a wool product which, after having been used in any way by the ultimate consumer, subsequently has been made into a fibrous state.

Virgin Wool is a preferred fiber for rugs because it is spun, by and large, from long undamaged fibers. In contrast, rugs made with reprocessed wool contain shorter fibers or staple which are much more prone to fuzzing pilling and wear. Although, to the novice, a new rug made with reprocessed wool may appear similar to one made from virgin wool it will soon lose its luster and vitality, and shed. In the long-run it is unwise to sacrifice wool quality for a low price.

Washing your own Oriental Rugs- Good idea?

This post is for the “do-it-yourselfers” out there who want to clean their own rugs because they either think they can save a few dollars or simply find joy in being hands on. We aren’t talking about spot cleaning and first aid. We’re talking about tackling the whole rug.

For centuries, a good soap and water cleaning has been the best way to clean oriental rugs. 10×14 story. Other methods have been introduced from dry cleaning solutions to powders, but, in the end the most effective way has been to totally immerse a rug to flush out the dirt and grime, give it a good rinsing, squeeze out or extract most of the water, and allow the rug to dry as quickly as possible.

Most anyone can wash a  rug. An open driveway a hose and some wool safe soap is all it takes. The real challenge comes in thoroughly rinsing the rug and efficiently drying it. Soap residue left in the rug will both weaken the fibers and attract dirt. Allowing the rug to stay wet is even worse. You expose the rug to mildew, dry rot and color bleeding.

Most often, we recommend that you call a professional with the knowledge and expertise to deal with different fibers, stains, and problems that include weak areas and the potential for bleeding colors.

But…if you have the energy and understand the risks, give it a try, seek advise from a rug professional. Then, start with a thin inexpensive rug, pick a nice sunny day and have at it.

Rug Seminar at the Vermont Adjusters Conference- October 2011

The 25th Annual Vermont Adjusters Conference was held on October 5-6 in Burlington VT. Attendance was strong given the fact that adjusters and other insurance professionals have been working long hours to deal with recent catastrophic losses in Vermont.

A highlight of the event was a seminar presented by Steve Boodakian and Sy Mahfuz of THE MERA GROUP titled ” Do Rug Claims have you tied in knots?” The hour- long interactive seminar focused on how professional adjusters can more accurately and efficiently handle rug claims of all types. It also vividly illustrated what can be done, in the hands of a rug expert, to clean and restore rugs that may otherwise been given up as total losses. For information on scheduling a seminar for your company, please contact Steve Boodakian at or directly at 617-721-9232.

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